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We're always looking for unplugged musicians and small acoustic shows to entertain us in the pub.

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Heimathafen | Hostel, Hotel, Apartments

We offer our guests more than just a simple overnight stay. The stay in the home port will be an unforgettable experience.
The home port is holistic, it lives!



Singleroom Doubleroom
(1 completely barrier-free double room)
On a trip and still at home. Comfortable hotel rooms with a maritime look.

A cozy retreat after a stressful day at work, a lock at night after an intense party evening in the port.

> Equipment <

• Box spring beds
• Bed sheets towels
• Wardrobe
• Soap & shower gel / hairdryer
• TV + WiFi
Single room from € 69.00
Double room from € 110.00 per night
Breakfast: € 9.50 per person.


book hotel line

 Heimathafen Hotel


book hotel line



3-bed & 4-bed rooms
Immerse yourself in a maritime world! Here the bed is a bunk, the lamp is a rope, here the night becomes an experience! Despite the vintage feeling, we value the most modern comfort.

> Equipment <

• Box spring beds
• Bed sheets towels
• Lockable cupboard
• Soap & shower gel
• Wireless Internet access

from 32.00 €
Breakfast: € 9.50 per person



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 Heimathafen 1


 Hostel Plus


The port is addictive! Anyone who has fallen in love and wants to stay longer will find their home here. Cozy, modern furnishings in a maritime style with the comfort of an apartment.
> Equipment <

• Box spring beds
• Bed sheets towels
• Lockable cupboard
• Soap & shower gel
• TV + WiFi
Weekly price from € 280.00

Breakfast: € 9.50 per person


book hotel line





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 Jolly Rogers | Pup


Your pub for drinking and dreaming! Do you want to forget the day and remember that night?

Come to celebrate, with or without a reason - we'll open a barrel with you! In addition to our liquid treasures, you get everything sent upstairs from the lunch box.

Go on a pirate ride at the longest bar in Lörrach -
at Jolly Rogers.

Our sixer on tap


6x the finest art of brewing, ice cold from the tap

+++ black, cool Guinness - perfectly tapped +++
+++ discover the Irish soul in red Kilkenny +++
+++ a sip of home with Lasser Pils +++
+++ yeast? Bright? Wheat beer fast! 3 Maisel’s and the hunger is drunk +++
+++ Who wants to lose the overview:
Kölsch solo or in a wreath or even more ?! +++
+++ Sion The apple doesn't flow far from the beer: delicious variety with Strongbow Cider +++

With all the bottled beers you need. From Beck’s to Corona to Desperados and selected English varieties. Just ask the captain at the counter!

For everyone for whom the earth is too dusty: peaty, smoky, earthy, fruity, gentle, strong and simply delicious whiskeys to try and continue drinking. From A for Ardbeg to T for Talisker, there will be something for every palate and budget, with or without ice cream.


 Heimathafen 9



Lunchbox 1920 96dpi



If you don't know what to give your mother or sweetheart, just come in and have a drink to think about it.

Vouchers for Jolly Rogers, an individual beer package from our "99 beers" or maybe a bit of Black Forest harbor merch?
The finely embroidered Black Bonnie, harbor master or our in-house shit with hats and shirts.

The right gift for every occasion.








Monday- Saturday from 6PM

 Hometown Crêpes

Who doesn't love it, the flat sweet or may it be savory?

Crêpes are always a good choice, preferably hot and with plenty of choice! And that ham wa, but not only that...
At Hometown Crêpes we have:
-Crepes sweet and salty
- Nachos with or without cheese, jalapenos, salsa, cheese sauce
-Various delicious and homemade burgers
-Sausage salad or lamb's lettuce
-Raclette or Munster cheese flambéed
-Hot cuts






Tuesday - Sunday from 6PM



Our Schwarzwaldstube invites you to eat and have a drink.

Treat yourself to the Black Forest flair from our wide Lasser range and delicious regional schnapps.
Should it be completely private? You can also rent our room.
Just ask...

Our drinks list in the Schwarzwaldstube:

-Fresh draft Lasser
…For our regular irregular horny events such as regulars' tables, supervised drinking and more,

just look at the event calendar.




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The bell rings for the last lap, especially when you want to get to the top of the line at the bar. It doesn't have to be! Our opening times are based on you and your thirst! Another round?






Open from Monday to Saturday from 6:00 p.m.



Current opening times depending on the event  



Open Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


*** CONTACT ***

Hotel & Hostel Reception:         +49 7621 424 520 1
  Pub:  +49 7621 424 520 3
  Miss Purple (Hairdresser):  +49 7621  914 348 1


---- CONTACT FORM ----






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